LUV30 PAR30 LED Lamps

IMPORTANT: LUV Series, of PAR LAMPS, cannot be used in Recessed, Well/Burial or Inground fixtures. Please contact your sales rep for alternative options.

Spec Sheet

The LUV SERIES provides uniform light irradiance, optimal heat dissipation and most notably true color. It is perfect for outdoor landscape with E26/E27 medium screw bases. This UL-Listed, energy-efficient LED lamp uses less power than its HID predecessors. They’re also great for outdoor fixtures with weatherproof housings, such as garage lights, security lights and landscape lights.
Using powerful LEDs, this dimmable LED flood light Lamp emits up to 1550 nominal lumens of warm white illumination in a wide 90° beam. Available in green frosted dome lens, lessens shadows and disperses light evenly with a gradual fade into nonilluminated areas simulating a “Moonlighting” effect.
Electrical System
The LED flood lamp operates with 120Vac and is designed to last 20 times longer than similar incandescent Lamps. For outdoor landscape application, surge protection device is recommended (Min. 1 per circuit.). For installation in R40 size bullet fixture, socket extension is recommended.