RNGR Ranger Bollard Series
Spec Sheet
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The Ranger Bollard Series was built to be both decorative and functional. They can be used to light pathways and walkways to help direct pedestrian traffic. They can add value to the aesthetics of a building or structure.
The fixture is constructed of durable heavy duty aluminum body and heavy gauge steel base (Galvanization as an option on base). Standing at a height of either 36” or 42”.
Our state-of-the-art paint facility applies a Super Durable Polyester powder coat finish electrostatically. Standard color options include Black, Bronze, AA, White. Custom colors available upon request.
Optical System
The luminaire utilizes high-performance refractive optics made from state-of-the-art UV-stabilized acrylic materials to achieve precise photometric distributions and high transmittance. The bollard is Star Light Friendly (meets or exceeds Dark Sky requirements) and is a Full Cutoff Luminaire in optics T3 and T5W only.
Electrical System
The bollard is available with up to 4,000L LED lumens in 5000K Cool White (+/- 300K). The LED’s are rated for over 50,000 hours at 25°C ambient temperature. It is compatible with a 120~277V 50/60 Hz power supply and 0-10V dimming. It has built-in surge protection up to 10 kV and a built-in Active PFC Function LED driver that conforms to UL8750 standards.
The bollard comes standard with two (2) 1/2” x 18” x 3” anchor bolts, a rigid anchor bolt template, and a steel base. It also features a centrally located wire entrance and flush mounting screws to attach the housing to the base plate.