BOL HID Round Top Bollard
Specification Sheet

Techlight’s line of commercial bollards was built to be both decorative and functional. They can be used to light pathways and walkways to help direct pedestrian traffic. They can add value to the aesthetics of a building or structure. They are available in a wide range of heights and light sources.
The fixture is made with a durable extruded aluminum housing with overall heights of 15” to 42” available. A clear polycarbonate lens protects the optical system. Designed to provide 360° illumination for pahtways, plazas, or as landscape accents.
A Super Durable Polyester powder coat finish is electrostatically applied in our state of the art paint facility. Standard colors available: Black, Bronze, US Green, White. Custom colors available upon request.
Optical System
The fixture comes with a either a black louvered optical assembly for maximum glare reduction or an adjustable aluminum reflector that creates a symmetric cutoff light pattern by reflecting the light down and outward reducing light spillage.
Electrical System
Available in 50W thru 100W pulse-start metal halide and 35W thru 100W high pressure sodium light sources. Comes standard with a 4KV pulse rated socket. Each 60HZ CWA multi-tap1 ballast is pre-wired and installed for convenience.
The bollard comes standard with a zinc base plate, three (3) 5/16” x 8” x 1 1/2” anchor bolts, and a die cast aluminum anchor template. A centrally located wire entrance is provided. The housing is mounted to the base plate via flush mounting Allen head screws.