SPORT POLE Sports/Recreational Light System
Spec Sheet

The 17.5’ two (2) piece pole shaft is fabricated from hot rolled carbon steel having a minimum yield of 55,000 PSI and conforms to ASTMA-500 grade C requirements. The hand hole is located 1’ 6” above the pole base. A ground lug is provided standard. The pole is drilled to accomodate multiple sporting applictions.
Anchor Base
The base plate is fabricated from a structural quality hot rolled carbon steel plate that has a minimum yield strength of 36,000 PSI. The hinge mechanism is provided with two (2) locks to prevent unwarranted tampering. A full base cover is provided which encapsulates the base plate and anchor bolts to provide a clean transition from pier to pole. A set of four (4) fully galvanized 3/4” x 18” x 3” anchor bolts are provided standard. Each bolt comes with two (2) galvanized hex nuts and flat washers.
A Super Durable Polyester powder coat finish is electrostatically applied in our state of the art paint facility. Standard colors available: Black, Bronze, US Green, White. Custom colors available upon request.
The pole comes standard with a 2 3/8” OD tenon to accomodate single, double, and triple quartz fixture mounting hardware or single and double metal halide fixture mounting hardware.