ICF Indirect Indoor HID Sports Light
Spec Sheet

Made with impact resistant, seamless aluminum housing and socket cover. The ICF was designed to withstand the abuse of a sports environment with minimal obtrusion to the players.
A Super Durable Polyester powder coat finish is electrostatically applied in our state of the art paint facility. Standard white finish on reflector and black finish on conical steel guard.
Optical System
The fixture comes with a hammertone aluminum reflector centered to provide optimum performance with 88% reflectiveness and a symmetrical distribution.
Electrical System
Available only in 1000W Metal Halide with a remote CWA 5-Tap ballast. Each ballast is encapsulated in potting compound to reduce noise and heat, and then enclosed in a galvanized and powder coat painted steel weatherproof box. All ballasts come pre-tapped at highest available voltage (480V) unless specified otherwise.
Cord or swivel pendant mount allows the fixture to hang true from a standard junction box. Upper and lower wire grips offer strain relief on cord hang model. A 20’, 16/3 cord and junction box pendant mount (order stem separtely) comes standard with each fixture.

Please consult factory for availability & pricing of fluorescent & HID fixtures.

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