POLERTP RTP Round Tapered Poles

PRICING: Due to the ever-changing economic environment, please consult the factory for pole quotes. ADDITIONAL NOTE: Fixtures and arms must be mounted to the pole before it is erected. Failure to do so may cause the pole to experience the rare, but damaging phenomenon of harmonic vibrations and fatigue. Failure to do so will void the factory warranty.

For Reference Only: The ASCE 7 Hazard Tool is the official source of information for pole selection when identifying wind speed zone limits within North America.

EPA Comparison
Wind Zone Map
RTP 20 Spec
RTP 24 11 Spec
RTP 24 7 Spec
RTP 25 Spec
RTP 30 Spec
RTP 35 Spec
RTP 39 11 Spec
RTP 39 7 Spec
RTP 45 7 Spec
RTP 50 11S10 Spec
RTP 50 7S10 Spec
RTP 50 7 Spec

The pole shaft is fabricated from hot rolled carbon steel having a minimum yield of 55,000 PSI and conforms to ASTM A500 grade C requirements. The shaft construction is a single piece of formed steel welded longitudinally. The hand hole is located 1’ 6" above the pole base. A ground lug is provided standard.
Anchor Base
The anchor base is fabricated from a structural quality hot rolled carbon steel plate that has a minimum yield strength of 36,000 PSI. The anchor base telescopes the pole shaft and has a circumferential weld on the top and bottom.
Base Cover
A full base cover is provided which encapsulates the base plate and anchor bolts to provide a clean transition from pier to pole.
The pole is finished with a Super Durable Powdercoat Paint. Multiple colors available. Galvanizing and T-Guard treatments available upon request. Additional warranty extensions available with these treatments.